Attacks on Indians in Australia are criminal attacks and NOT racist attacks

Another follow-up on the attacks on Indians in Australia

The major problem is that we all are ready to act like ‘educated fools’ and give in to what is being shown on TV by media. Though, I fully sympathize with what happened with Nitin Garg, I believe that the killer did not stop him to ask if he was an international student before attacking him. The major problem is that most students arriving from India come with the assurance that they have entered the ‘safest zone in the world’ which in reality is a fantasy. Most of us coming from India take this city/country for granted and that ‘nothing can happen to them’ and every spot is safe. I truly believe that Nitin should have been more responsible about which route to take to work. Nitin has been living in Australia for a while and would have been aware of how unsafe the area is. It is nothing more than common sense that ‘walking through a dark park in the vicinity of Footscray area is not the safest thing to do’. At the time and place of the crime, it is highly probable to encounter a mentally deranged / drug addict than an educated Australian in a ‘business suit’.

Whether Australia might be a very safe country, it is every person’s own responsibility to safeguard themselves and avoid dangerous situations. The attack would have been averted if he did not walk through the dark park shortcut. I only wish that Nitin would have made a smarter decision to go through an alternative route or taken the option of going in the car offered by his friend. Nitin paid a heavy price with his life to make most students realise to avoid any such dangerous situations.

The recent abuses are the after effects of the Indian media branding Australia as a racist nation in front of the world. What was the Indian media thinking when they published ‘Australian police office in ku klax klan dress’ ??? Did they believe publishing something like this will make things easier for the Indians in Australia ??? This will only increase anger and agitation against the Indians, triggering attacks on Indians for defaming the Australians worldwide.

Another thing that irritates me is the sudden interest/concern of the Indian media for the Indians living in Australia. Every single abuse, small or big makes it to the news headlines. I find this extremely silly and poor journalism as there are no recorded statements from both parties. It is irresponsible journalism to state one side of the story and make them headlines, misleading the readers. In the past two years, the Indians have had an exponential growth in Australia and taxi drivers will always be soft targets at odd hours that they work such as on weekends from 1am – 5am. Most of the passengers at these hours are drunk and such situations have always been common. Most taxi drivers know of such risks and still take their chances as they need to pay for their everyday expenses. I have never heard an IT professional or an accountant being racial abused at work. It would be racism if there are job advertisements or boards displayed around the city that ‘Indians are NOT welcome’. As I have been living here for a few years, I am amazed to see that how the attention has shifted to Australia from USA or UK. I guess the Indian TV viewing public was bored with those country news and Australia seemed perfect meat. I would like to know where the media was when Indians were regularly creating trouble at nightclubs and having open brawls with bouncers or security guards, to which I have been an eye-witness myself many a times. It never made it to the TV when two Indian students were involved in assaulting an Indian woman at a nightclub which led to a massive brawl which resulted in bloodshed. The Victorian Police had to break up the fight and action was taken against the offenders. Another incident that happened a few years ago and never made it to the Indian channels, is of a student breaking a whisky bottle on a head of a neighbour and twice requested him to turn the loud music down on a weeknight. The student was so drunk and went into fit of anger breaking the bottle on his head and killing him. He took the next flight back to India, never to be found. Not too long back, another incident never made it to headlines is of Puneet who was under the influence of alcohol hit an Australian in the middle of the Melbourne city with his speeding car. Not only he never felt guilty about killing an innocent person, he cheated the Australian authorities to take off from the country on a fake passport, never to be found AGAIN.

In the end, stop raising fingers and making pointless claims. Even though, Indian authorities claim that the Indians are being racial abused, I don’t hear planes full of Indian students flying back to a ‘safer’ India. Even if a taxi driver is racially abused, he is more than keen to put on his uniform and get on the road again. Wouldn’t it make more sense for that driver to rush to India and leave the ‘racist’ country of India.

Stop being an educated fool and stop blaming the whole country for something which is only a ‘chain reaction of events gone bad’.


2 responses to this post.

  1. As someone who has followed this issue very closely, I think the problem is that people want to look at things too simplistically. On one side, some are trying to paint everything as racist; while others are denying any accusations of racism.

    There have been lots of attacks, and obviously they are not all the same. Some have clearly been racial in motivation. And I think the racial verbal abuse that many Indians have received on the street is part of the same continuum. But equally, many of them seem not to be; it was just fate that it happened to an Indian rather than someone else.

    But I also want to suggest another angle which is generally not understood – the way that something that may not seem like a racially motivated attack is actually subtly influenced by race.

    Many of the attacks, particularly on the taxi drivers, fall into this category. What I mean is that while the attacker might not be motivated by racial hatred per se, he can still have racist ideas which mean an encounter is more likely to lead to violence. For example, taxi drivers have a tough job, but from anecdotal evidence it seems like Indian taxi drivers are more likely to be attacked or ripped off than non-Indian taxi drivers. I think this is because the potential offender feels it is easier to take advantage of a person he sees as different and of less value than, say, a white driver.

    Likewise, there is a chance that a gang of hoodlums in a darkened street are going to try and attack anyone they encounter. If the potential victim is of a similar ethnic background to the offenders, they are less likely to attack. If the potential victim is different, they are more likely to attack, because they feel less connection and empathy with that person; his “otherness” effectively dehumanises him.

    It’s a complicated issue and there is no easy answer. There is too much evidence of racism being a factor to ignore; but at the same time, blaming everything on racism just doesnt add up either.

    I have a lot of stuff about curry-bashing up on my blog if you are interested.


  2. I totally agree with one being intelligent fool and to be blindly led by media to think in a certain way. Mr Yash has made a good point by stating how many indians who work in offices, don’t get treated this way, it is just a few wayward drunk people, under the influence of drugs who have carried out these attacks and i agree that we are living in a country where people accept us with such openness that amazes me, i work in a hospital and i am proud to say that my colleagues are always keen to take part in my culture in any way that is possible, even when one – asks about another culture it is a way of taking part in the culture.

    No doubt economic downfall all over the world caused by this global financial crash, will lead to unwanted activities such mindless crime but this will happen all over the world and not just in one country.

    I never knew that there were BLOGS even on orkut, i like this


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