What does your facebook status reveal about your emotional state?

Believe it or not, but your facebook status can say a lot more than you write. If you are a regular facebook status updater (sounds like a new profession) like me, it can say a lot about your personality. Most of the time you are unaware of what it might filter out to the other person reading it. As everyone looks at one thing differently, it is funny how and what your status update would seem to the person reading it. Also, a lot of people you havn’t met for a long time, also get a feel of your personality or the emotional state you are going through and then you see a barrage of supportive comments start to pour through. Amazing !

Have a quick read of how some of the status updates might appear to others. Funny Read but makes sense.

The boaster
They say: “James is sipping cocktails in Hawaii.”
Desired message:I’m on an expensive, exotic holiday without a care in the world.
Real message: Look at me, look at me. My life really is much more fabulous than yours.

The attention-seeker
They say: “Sarah is still feeling down. Sigh”
Desired message: I’ve been feeling a bit low but don’t worry about me.
Real message: I’m really quite needy and would like some attention from you.

The intriguer
They say “Jess has had the weirdest experience.”
Desired message: Jess’ life is a bit random and interesting.
Real message: I have a story (that I think in interesting) and I want you to ask me about it.

The emotionally fragile
They say: “Ruby is feeling a little teary after the break-up but all’s good.”
Desired message: Ruby is sad but is a real trooper
Real message: Ruby hates her ex and cannot stop crying.

The angry one
They say: “Gareth is argh, I hate the world today.”
Desired message: I feel frustrated today — are you with me?
Real message: I’m short-tempered and want you all to back off. Scary.

The practical one
They say: “John has lost his phone, let me know your number.”
Desired message: I value all your friendships and want your numbers back so we can keep in touch.
Real message: Finally, I might get my hands on Kate’s mobile number.

The vain one
They say: “Olivia says hello cream cakes bye bye hips.”
Desired message: I love eating and don’t care about my weight.
Real message: Look at me, I’m thin, beautiful and can eat what I want. Please compliment me.

The shameless promoter
They say: “Andy is looking forward to seeing you at his DJ night at Alpha.”
Desired message: Running a great night and it would be fun to see you there.
Real message: Please, please come. Only three people turned up at the last night.

The career show-off
They say: “Sonia gets to interview Brad Pitt”.
Desired message: Work is going well and wanted you to know about my upcoming interview.
Real message: Look how fabulous my job is while the rest of you are writing about the farmer’s market in the local rag.

The family man/woman
They say: “Vivian thinks baby Burt gets cuter every day.”
Desired message: Just wanted to let you all know, the baby is doing well.
Real message: I have the best-looking baby ever. Takes after his mum. Seriously.

The bore
They say: “Conner has just made toast.”
Desired message: Conner has just made toast.
Real message: Conner is extremely, extremely dull. And has just made toast.

Source: ninemsn.com.au

Add any if you have in mind in the comments section. Lets see how creative or funny your facebook status updates can be.


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