India’s ODI Series Update

The torrential downpour in St. Lucia yesterday ensured India their 5 consecutive ODI series. The past 2 years has been great for the Indian Cricket (apart from 2009 T20 world cup).

India in Sri Lanka ODI Series 2008 India 3-2 (5)
England in India ODI Series 2008/09 India 5-0 (5)
India in Sri Lanka ODI Series 2008/09 India 4-1 (5)
India in New Zealand ODI Series 2008/09 India 3-1 (5)
India in West Indies ODI Series 2009 India 2-1 (4)

At one time, when they were considered a weak ODI side and generally loomed around the 5th-6th world ranking positions. This has primarily changed due to the adoption of the new ‘attacking’ style of batting and bowling. The resting of long-playing players like Dravid, Ganguly & Laxman, only has helped the cause. You know when India’s ODI batting fortunes are up on the rise, when 5-6 top order batsmen for the team are regularly featured in the top 20 world batting rankings. While on the topic of the top batting rankings, let me inform the Dhoni-bashers that he has climbed the top of the rankings again, making him the top ODI Batsman in the world. Take a quick look at the 5 batsmen in the top 20 of the world are:

1 M.S. Dhoni
2 Yuvraj Singh
7 Virender Sehwag
15 Sachin Tendulkar
20 Gautam Gambhir

Special Mention: S. Raina is on spot 35 and is on the rise and will only get better with time.

Note the difference that, not a long time ago, the rankings were dominated by Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly & Laxman. These have been displaced by the less experienced-but youth crowd of players which has also made a difference in the result line lately.

The bowling department is surely needs a lifting as there is a lone Indian in the top 20. I do believe that Ishant and RP Singh are on the rise and are too far away from hitting the top 20 spots.

So, lets get charged up about the India’s new found confidence in ODI cricket. There is no doubt that IPL and the win in the debut T20 world cup has helped the attacking style of batting, but lets take a moment to appreciate Dhoni’s leadership and experimental skills.

India is on the rise even in the ODI World Rankings and has made it to the 3rd spot. Their recent outcomes and has also managed to narrow down the gap them and the 2nd placed ‘Australia’. The most recent ODI rankings are as follows:

Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa39 4911 126
Australia 47 5756 122
India 53 6410 121
New Zealand35 3918 112
Pakistan 36 4009 111
England 39 4623 109
Sri Lanka 43 4508 105
West Indies 37 3380 91
Bangladesh 38 1731 46
Zimbabwe 32 736 23
Ireland 10 190 19
Kenya 12 0 0

Enjoy and feel free to leave comment, if you agree with it or think otherwise.


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