Australia – 3rd happiest nation in the world .. but im considering moving to Costa Rica ! Anyone up for it ?

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I always knew that Australia was one of the best countries to earn, live and enjoy, but for this to be reconfirmed by most of the people living here and making  it the 3rd happiest county in the entire world is simple amazing. There might be problems here like the rest of the world but the nation has always kept itself together to make sure that its citizens get ‘as close as possible’ best of lives. Most of the citizens are not devoid of the basic necessities and essentials. Education, transportation system, water and electricity and entertainment are all kept in balance and work extremely well when placed together. No doubt that even though there might be a lot of noise about this country being ‘Racist’ (which is 90% untrue, because every nation is atleast 10% racist in their own ways), not a lot of people like to leave the country, once they taste the luxuries and comforts of this country.

Tongue-in-cheek comment: Considering moving to Costa Rica .. Why ??? Better Air, Better Food, Scenic Views, Cheaper Houses or simply ‘Pure Life’

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Costa Rica is the happiest place on earth, and one of the most environmentally friendly, according to a new survey by a British non-governmental group, which puts Australia in third place.

The New Economics Foundation looked at 143 countries that are home to 99 per cent of the world’s population and devised an equation that weighs life expectancy and people’s happiness against their environmental impact.

By that formula, Costa Rica is the happiest, greenest country in the world, just ahead of the Dominican Republic.

Latin American countries did well in the survey, occupying nine of the top 10 spots.

Australia scored third place, but other major Western nations did poorly, with Britain coming in at 74th place and the United States at 114th.

The New Economics Foundation’s measurements found Costa Ricans have a life expectancy of 78.5 years, and 85 per cent of the country’s residents say they are happy and satisfied with their lives.

Those figures, taken along with the fact that Costa Rica has a small “ecological footprint”, combined to push the small nation to the top of the list.

A 2006 New Economics Foundation study designated Vanuatu the world’s happiest nation, with Costa Rica at second place.

Sociologist Andrea Fonseca said Costa Rica gives its citizens the “tools” to be happy, but cautioned that happiness cannot be calculated just by looking at life expectancy and environmental practices.

She added that the country’s rise to the top of the Happy Planet Index “has a lot to do with social imagination”.

Costa Rica has a peaceful reputation because it does not have an army, and is also known for its protected ecological zones and national slogan “pure life”, she said.

Source: Ninemsn

P.S: The USA, China and India were all ‘greener and happier’ twenty years ago than today.

For a detailed report: Happy Planet


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jonty on July 5, 2009 at 11:06 am

    I wish we could post a direct reply AAP on that bogus article. Australia ranked 111th!!!!
    They are *so* twisting the data.
    Yes, our *region* scored third – but with only Aus and Nz in the region its not that hard …
    However in terms of the Costa Rica = 1, USA = 114th … we are *just* better at 111th.

    Gaaa … reporters! Go download the info yourself.

    Get the xls spreadsheet:


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