– Men’s Football World Ranking

FIFA World Ranking update: Brazil has toppled Spain for the top spot. Good times are back for the Australian ‘Socceroos’ and has cracked into the Top 20. They have reached their career-best ranking of 16. Woo-Hoo. Hope they can get to Top 10 just before or during the world cup.
Biggest jump in ranking: Cote d’Ivoire – up 20 spots
Biggest slump in ranking: Sierra Leone – down 40 spots
Check out the FIFA World Rankings .. Find how high your team is sitting.

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Tell us about your teams and where are they sitting. Leave in the comments section the top 3 teams you follow and how well are they doing.



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  1. Posted by yashbhatnagar on July 2, 2009 at 4:58 am

    Brazil: 1
    Australia: 16


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