Best of Me – Bryan Adams

I always wanted to jot down a few lines in praise of one of the best albums I own. I have always been a big fan of Rock, which obviously made me a clear fan of “Bryan Adams”. If you are a Rock Fan too, then u ought to have this album.


This album has almost the best of Bryan’s stuff. Almost every song in the album has been a chart buster, which makes it even a bigger reason to own this album. Every time I listen to ’’Summer of 69’’, it makes me press the repeat button atleast a minimum of 4 times (Yeah…. I know I love this song) … Believe me .. it couldn’t have been better.

’’Cant stop this thing we started’’, could easily be translated into ’’Cant stop this song we played’’ … Amazing stuff … great lyrics and awesome video

’’Lets make a night to remember’’, Play it every time with your partner either in the Car or Bedroom 😉 …. Believe me, it WORKS

’’Have u ever really loved a women’’, Hell yeah aplenty, but never felt the way this songs makes me

’’Run To You’’, Pleasant song, though I wouldn’t have included this in his best

’’Cloud No.9’’, Man, How the hell does Bryan Makes such amazing song … can easily hear it any day of the week

’’I do it for you’’, One of the most romantic songs made … Might sound bloody sissy but wudnt mind playing it on my wedding 😉

’’Please forgive me’’, Always kept in store and ready to play, just incase im caught cheating :O

’’The only thing that looks good on me’’, Inspired by the song , used it as a pick up line on a gurl, She laughed hysterically but we ended up going out of the club together, Thx Bryan

I cud just go on abt this album, but Im sure the reader by now must have been quite convinced abt the fact that this album shud be in his/her collection … Recently, heard a rumour that Bryan was retiring as he was getting old … But believe me, watching him perform in Melbourne last year, no way it seemed as he was getting old … Hope he crunches out better albums/songs … HAIL BRYAN !!!


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