India’s performance in the T20 WC – Disappointing !

The Indian cricket team or the ‘Men in Blue’ has had a disappointing outing at the 2009 T20 World Cup. Undoubtedly, there is more than one factor that can be attributed to their dismal performance in England.

The Indian media projected Dhoni & Co. to be a ‘larger than life’ team and branding them ‘winners’ well before they played their first ball in England. This act of trust in the team did harm more than good to the already ‘confident’ title-defending team. They were being deemed as the king of T20 format and that they easily had the strongest team needed for the format. It is true till quite an extent that the batting capabilities of the team are of high quality and can be highly destructive. The team also included most of the players from the 2008 winning combination giving everyone even more confidence in the team to win the cup back. But the assumptions/projections did nothing but take a toll on the team and put them under a lot more pressure than the hopes of a billion people.

Another obvious factor that Dhoni refuses is fatigue. It was never going to be easy for any of the 11 players in the team to be ready for a big tournament after a difficult and a long 6 week grinding tourney called ‘IPL’. Almost all of the playing 11 were part of big games in the IPL and does take out a lot out of a player mentally and physically.  Though, 20/20 is not being considered the best form of cricket, it still requires a lot of concentration and skill to get the ball over the boundary line. This was never going to be easy for the big players to be still focused after playing so much of cricket for 6 weeks.

In a way, looking at the nature of the game, India cannot be completely blamed for performing badly in the world cup.  With the ‘You Miss, I Hit’ nature of the game, it makes it even more difficult to have control over the result of the game. A good decision can be the worst on a bad decision and vice-versa. I guess that exactly happened with Dhoni sending in R Jadeja to bat before Yuvraj/Yusuf. If R Jadeja had a better day and would have made a quick fire 30’ish, both Dhoni and R Jadeja would have been heroes. But just because out expeimental captain’s decision backfired, effigies are being burnt again in Ranchi. Sad. Look at the example of England losing to the weakest team ‘Holland’ at the start of the tournament and now in the matter 10 days, has beaten the best ‘projected’ team in the tourney. That’s 20/20 for us !

Even though India has had a disappointing world cup and are coming back with wins only against Bangladesh/Ireland and hopefully SA, I still respect the team and especially our captain MS Dhoni for taking calculative risks.  He might not be in the best of the batting form as yet, but I am sure he will come out of this blazing through and will get the team get back to its winning ways.

Lets get right behind our team and hope that they are not as fatigued or are victims of the Indian media hype when they play the Real World Cup next year in SA.


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  1. Posted by bilal on June 17, 2009 at 6:22 am

    by seeing comments before 5th june about India i was really feeling that All indians are proud upto a condemnable level, and now fate has shown them they were not simply right in their approach, am talking about the slogans enchanted in Indian media like
    down to india
    They lost completely
    they loose all the mathes in super eight ! and won just against SCOTLAND AND BANGLADESH ( That is their actual level ).

    Pakistan to which they were condemning is now in semis.


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