Time to get real and wake up to facts

Alright, it’s time to get real. Almost all of the comments on facebook forums and blogs are mainly ignorant of the facts and are written by people who basically have no idea, including the media. I have been living in Melbourne for 14 years and haven’t faced one incident of racism (mind you, have been in business for most of this time). Australians are extremely tolerant and also has the sort of multiculturalism that not a lot of countries can even imagine. I am a true Indian at heart and have sympathy for the ones who have got beaten but these are not racist attacks and merely a chain reaction of events gone bad. Guys, let’s get real and show the same sentiment when students are ragged and bashed in your own backyard (e.g. Indian Colleges). Why don’t we rally or protest on Facebook when students are killed in colleges? It’s sad but the Indian media flaring the issue is only going to harm the issue and increase anger. If you are all educated, then think about it again, Anger makes people do things they don’t even want.

Let me give you some facts. Australians are very true and honest at heart. They trust these Indian students only to be back stabbed most of the time, whether it’s got to do with fake ID’s, not paying rent/phone bills, shoplifting and credit card defaults. Most of the Indian students are famous for breaking queues, shouting loudly in trains and most of the Punjabi students not completing a sentence without using ‘Ma’chod, bhen’chod’. I don’t see any class and our great ‘polite’ Indian culture in that. None of these students want to grow out of what they have been doing in India .. Most of these Indian students are not even here for education (We can tell this by Baljinder (the punjabi boy hurt), who could not even speak in English for more than 2 minutes on NDTV, and the interviewer had to turn to Hindi). They work full time (driving cabs, working in cafes/restaurants or factories) on student visas. Let’s be true to ourselves before raising fingers at others. Why don’t we stop racism in our own country? The North Indians does not let one opportunity go before they can take on a south Indian or a simple north eastern and vice-versa. Let’s clean our own backyard and then worry about rest of the world. I would like to share another piece of information which might help not tagging Australia racist. Australia allows every culture and country to enjoy their religion and festivals. No racial attacks, has ever been witnessed at our Holi/Diwali festivals which attracts over 10,000 people at one venue at one time. All these festivals and cultural organisations are supported and funded by the Australian Govt. I don’t think a racist country would ever indulge in something like that. So, yeah, this is the real picture, guys!

Let’s STOP this nonsense and this sheer stupidity who even Amitabh ‘get more blog hits’ Bachchan took advantage of (Tell me, one time these stars don’t want to take advantage of situations .. I have lost all respect for this old man .. Use the country for personal gains, yet again). Let’s not tag the whole country RACIST coz of a couple of senseless attacks by young buffoons. In short, Indian media is the major reason why more Indians will get attacked now. As they say, ‘little knowledge is dangerous’. Let’s not make opinions before you know all the facts. Peace out!


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  1. Posted by Ankit on June 12, 2009 at 6:23 am



  2. Posted by simply61 on June 14, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Good that you have taken the trouble to present the alternate view.The media generated hysteria has really been at the forefront of spoiling the ties between Aussies and Indians.


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