No reason to feel bad or apologize !

Yes ! I am talking about “Richard Gere and the idiotic fiasco”. I have been wanting to write about the recent fiasco for a while. The true fact is that our political parties and the indian media need “everyday spice” for their channels and votes. This time it was “Shilpa Shetty – a recent star who did India proud” and Richard Gere – who has done enough for India to receive this in return”


I did see the channels flashingthe scenes of the kiss again and again. Frankly, would any one like to point out what was so indecent abt him kissing her hand or twirling her down for a dance step, probably from his movie ’Chicago”. We all agree that we get to see a lot more in our hindi movies or remix videos which is played all over the country. If he would have had a forced smooch or french kiss with shilpa or snapped her bottom, then these protests were absolutely valid. Dont you educated people see, that he was trying to provide some entertainment or funny moments to a small ’AIDS’ program. I disagree that Shilpa was uncomfy as sh was very much laughing and going along with the entertainment as she knew it too that it was in good faith.

I was disgusted to see that Richard Gere was treated in such a way, especially when he in the country for such a noble cause. SHAME ON THOSE INDIANS ! .. I am not talking in the favour of the western culture or the goras .. but not happy with the way the whole drama was created.

Talking about our culture .. hahaha .. makes me laugh. Switch on the channels and you will see how great our culture is becoming.

The tv soaps have all bitches, trying to steal anyone’s husband or sleeping around so that they can blackmail rich businessmen around. Is this what our culture is ? (I liked the song in some recent award function depicting these soaps “Ek se Pyaar ho, Dus se Shaadiyaan” hahahahaha

Out of desperation, there are kids being raped by their uncles or fathers. Is that what our culture is?

Midnight Sex (doing it in a car after a club night after midnight), Swingers, Private escorts, which are pretty common now in our culture. Is this what our culture is?

And above all, if our culture was so clean, how come India has second largest population of AIDS. I do undersatnd that a percentage of it could be cause of various other factors but the major one is “unprotected sex” with multiple partners. Sounds harsh to read, but it is true. So, cmon all you indians who think that we indians are totally cultured and could do no wrong, think again. We are just champions at making issues out of nothing and thats it.

Our man, Richard Gere, left his comforts back home and travelled all the way, so he could educate the lot which does not know it all and decrease the rate of spreading of AIDS. Instead of giving him wishes and gifts, we gave curses and burnt effegies. How wrong is that?

I guess it would be best if such celebraties helpes nations like africa and south america, coz our Indians dont like to move upward or get better.

I believe we all should take a step towards this huge problem and do our bit. talk to our servants or local dhobi abt safe sex and make them aware of such epidemics. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way.


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  1. Posted by neyhaa on June 18, 2009 at 4:38 am


    very well put!

    although, I am quite surprised on how updated you are with the Hindi saas-bahu serials!! hahaha!! 😛 😛

    nah, jokes apart – well written blog, this one!


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